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Khader Adnan is starving for freedom again

Maali was only 4 years old when her father, Khader Adnan, embarked on a 66-day hunger strike in protest at being held without charge or trial, a practice known as administrative detention, after his December 2011 arrest by Israeli occupation forces. All she could understand back then was that her father was starving himself to […]

The Prisoners’ Diaries – English version

This is a compilation of 22 Palestinian prisoners’ experiences in Israeli jails . 1,027 prisoners were released in 2011 as part of the exchange with Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit and 22 of them were interviewed by journalists. Their commentaries were translated by CPDS and edited. The book is dedicated to Samer Issawi and all Palestinian […]

The Prisoners’ Diaries مذكرات الأسرى – Arabic version

يحتوي هذا الكتاب بنسخته العربية على قصص ٤٢ أسيرا فلسطينيا في السجون الإسرائيلية. تم الإفراج عن ١٠٢٧ أسيرا في العام ٢٠١١ ضمن صفقة تم بموجبها الإفراج عن الجندي الاسرائيلي جلعاد شاليط. هذا الكتاب مهدى لكل الأسرى الفلسطينيين في الماضي والحاضر والمستقبل ولمن تحرروا منهم. نشر الكتاب للمرة الاولى باللغة الانجليزية في يوم الأسير الفلسطيني الموافق […]