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Who are the Palestinian prisoners Israel released on Friday?

Thirty-nine Palestinian women and children are expected to be released from Israeli jails on Friday during a pause in fighting. After seven weeks of war, the four-day truce between Israel and Hamas began on Friday morning. Under this truce, 39 Palestinian women and children were released on Friday.Here is what’s known about those released and those who might be […]

Palestinian political prisoners

Since the 7th of October, the number of Palestinian political prisoners has increased significantly. Among the political prisoners are 200 children and more than 2000 administrative detainees who are being detained indefinitely with no charge or trial. The reported conditions of the prisoners are of torture and overall inhuman treatment. It has been reported that […]

The Prisoners’ Diaries: Palestinian Voices from the Israeli Gulag

The Prisoners’ Diaries provides a deeply moving series of first – person commentaries on what Palestinian prisoners have been enduring for decades in the dark recesses of Israel’s unlawful and inhumane network of prisons. Edited and published during the Palestinian prisoners’ hunger strike, this collection serves to inform us that for Palestinians, imprisonment has become […]

“I Kept Three Copies of My Novels Lest They Get Confiscated”: An Interview with Freed Palestinian Prisoner Esmat Mansour

The message of Palestinian prisoners to the world is that they are political prisoners who seek freedom and that there is an Israeli demonization campaign against them. Palestinians across the globe mark April 17 of each year as Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, a day that was introduced by the Palestinian National Council (PNC), the legislative body […]

Ahmad Al-Manasra: A Palestinian Child Who Grew up Behind Israeli Bars

Israeli prisons where Palestinian prisoners are held lack the minimum standards of human dignity. A video of an Israeli interrogator violently interrogating then 13-year-old Palestinian child prisoner Ahmad Al-Manasra went viral in November 2015. In the video, Al-Manasra repeatedly told his Israeli interrogator that he couldn’t remember as his interrogator screamed at him, accusing him of not […]

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انتقل لأسفل للحصول على النسخة العربية Scroll down for English Version Faire défiler vers le bas pour la version française Scorrere per tradizione Itlalian بالتوقيع على العريضة والتي تطالب التحرير الفوري للشاب الفلسطيني احمد مناصرة لاحضان عائلته, بعد ست سنوات من التعذيب القاسي والممنهج في السجون الاسرائيلية احمد مناصرة اتهم بالمشاركة بمحاولة طعن عندما كان […]