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“I Kept Three Copies of My Novels Lest They Get Confiscated”: An Interview with Freed Palestinian Prisoner Esmat Mansour

The message of Palestinian prisoners to the world is that they are political prisoners who seek freedom and that there is an Israeli demonization campaign against them. Palestinians across the globe mark April 17 of each year as Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, a day that was introduced by the Palestinian National Council (PNC), the legislative body […]

Ahmad Al-Manasra: A Palestinian Child Who Grew up Behind Israeli Bars

Israeli prisons where Palestinian prisoners are held lack the minimum standards of human dignity. A video of an Israeli interrogator violently interrogating then 13-year-old Palestinian child prisoner Ahmad Al-Manasra went viral in November 2015. In the video, Al-Manasra repeatedly told his Israeli interrogator that he couldn’t remember as his interrogator screamed at him, accusing him of not […]

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انتقل لأسفل للحصول على النسخة العربية Scroll down for English Version Faire défiler vers le bas pour la version française Scorrere per tradizione Itlalian بالتوقيع على العريضة والتي تطالب التحرير الفوري للشاب الفلسطيني احمد مناصرة لاحضان عائلته, بعد ست سنوات من التعذيب القاسي والممنهج في السجون الاسرائيلية احمد مناصرة اتهم بالمشاركة بمحاولة طعن عندما كان […]

A Shared Struggle: How A Book Brought Palestinian and Irish Hunger Strikers Together

Several hunger strikes have been carried out by Palestinian and Irish prisoners to protest administrative detention, along with cruel and inhuman treatment, and torture. The recent capture of six escaped Palestinian political prisoners from Israel’s Gilboa prison meant their freedom was tragically short-lived. But the escape itself, reportedly through a tunnel dug with a rusty spoon, helped […]

The resistance continues: Prisoners announce new steps of struggle as two more Freedom Tunnel heroes seized

After humiliating the Zionist regime by liberating themselves from the high-security Gilboa prison, four members of the Freedom Brigade were seized by occupation forces. For five days, they saw Palestine as free people – and they continue to show the world that the only path to liberation is resistance. Meanwhile, Palestinian prisoners inside Israeli jails […]

Israel to Release Pregnant Prisoner Anhar Al-Deek on $12,500 Bail

Israeli occupation authorities decided to release Anhar al-Deek, who is in her ninth month, with a 40-thousand-shekel ($12,500) bail and house arrest in her family’s house. The Palestinian Commission of Detainees’ and ex-Detainees’ Affairs said on Thursday that the occupation authorities accepted to release the 25-year-old Anhar al-Deek, as she is due to give birth […]