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Take action: 71 days of hunger strike for imprisoned Palestinian journalist Al-Qeeq

Hunger-striking Palestinian journalist Mohammed al-Qeeq is facing a severe risk of stroke, warned his lawyer Ashraf Abu Sneineh on 2 February. He has lost a massive amount of weight, and there is evidence of damage to internal organs of his body, Abu Sneineh said. Al-Qeeq, 33, is a Palestinian journalist, a correspondent for Al-Majd channel, who […]

Murals in Denmark and Gaza urge release of hunger striking Palestinian journalist Al-Qeeq

Two murals – one in Copenhagen, Denmark and one in Gaza City, Palestine – were unveiled this weekend in separate acts of artistic support for hunger-striking Palestinian journalist Mohammed al-Qeeq, who has now been on hunger strike for 71 days, demanding his release from Israeli administrative detention without charge or trial. The Mohja Jerusalem Foundation […]

Palestinian civil society leader Eteraf Rimawi’s administrative detention extended for fifth time

The administrative detention of Palestinian civil society leader Eteraf Bajes Hajjaj Rimawi was extended by occupation forces for an additional four months on 1 February 2016, with a new Israeli military order. Rimawi, Executive Director of Bisan Center for Research and Development, has been imprisoned since 15 September 2014; his administrative detention has been extended […]

Protests Swell As Journalist Jailed By Israel Approaches 70th Day Of Hunger Strike

NEW YORK — As Palestinian journalist Mohammed al-Qeeq reaches the 70th day of a hunger strike against his administrative detention by Israel on Tuesday, protests demanding his freedom are growing across the world as others continue in Palestine. “Mohammed is hanging between life and death,” Islam al-Qeeq, his brother, told MintPress News from Ramallah. “The […]

Day 68 of hunger strike

Palestinian administrative prisoner Muhammad al-Qeeq (33) has insisted that he wouldn’t suspend his hunger-strike before having been granted his basic human right of freedom. Al-Qeeq started his non-violent battle against the Zionist occupier 4 days following his detention without charges. On his 68th day of hunger-striking, today, the prisoner suffers from vocal cord paralysis and […]

New Yorkers take to the streets to demand freedom for Al-Qeeq, all Palestinian prisoners

New Yorkers took to the streets on Friday, 29 January to demand the immediate release of imprisoned Palestinian journalist Mohammed al-Qeeq, on his 66th day of hunger strike and shackled to his hospital bed in critical condition. Organized by Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network, the protest outside the New York City offices of G4S demanded […]