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Israeli neglect fuels virus spread among Palestinian prisoners

Human rights groups are sounding the alarm over the spread of coronavirus among Palestinians in Israeli jails. At least five Palestinian prisoners have tested positive for the virus that causes COVID-19 recently, including a child. They were being held at Ofer military prison near Ramallah, where Israeli occupation forces also detain Palestinian children. Infected prisoners were […]


On Tuesday, July 7, Holy Land Foundation political prisoner Mufid Abdulqader, serving an unjust 20-year prison sentence for charitable work, tested positive for COVID-19 at a federal prison in Texas. Abdulqader had previously warned of the rapidly deteriorating situation at his prison just days ago on his birthday on July 1 on which he turned […]

On International Day in Support of Victims of Torture… 95% of Palestinian prisoners are subjected to torture by ‘Israel’

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- 95% of Palestinians, who get arrested by Israeli forces, are being subjected to torture from the moment of being arrested, according to human rights NGOs. Marking the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, the Prisoners Association stated on Thursday that the Israeli authorities use different psychological and physical methods to […]

The ‘Steal Of The Century’ (Part 1)

The ‘Steal Of The Century’ (Part 1) is a new documentary, by Robert Inlakesh, filmed on the ground in occupied Palestine, investigating the peace process, Donald Trump’s proposed ‘Deal of the Century’ and why the Palestinian people have unanimously rejected it. It also seeks to show the occupation faced by the Palestinian people, as well […]

The number of Palestinian child prisoners increases during COVID-19

Despite the global coronavirus pandemic, Israel has stepped its arrest of Palestinian children in the occupied territories, a new report from Defense for Children International – Palestine (DCIP) says. According to the report, released on Tuesday, 194 Palestinian children detained in Israeli prisons and detention centers, marking a six percent increase from January. Using data […]

Palestinian Prisoners Day: Remembering Palestine’s Organic Intellectuals

To mark Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, MintPress brings you the introduction to Dr. Ramzy Baroud’s “These Chains Will Be Broken: Palestinian Stories of Struggle and Defiance in Israeli Prisons.” April 17 officially marks Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, a day when the Palestinian people collectively remember the more than five thousand prisoners currently incarcerated in Israeli jails, many […]