Mufid Abdulqader is a Palestinian prisoner in an American prison which is merely an extension of an Israeli prison. He is one of the Holy Land 5.

Dear beloved family members and friends,

It is with a broken heart and unimaginable pain that I convey to you the sad news of the loss of my mother who passed away on Saturday August 29, 2015 at 11:00 am.

It is very hard to loose anyone nonetheless a loved one like a mother or a father. My father (bless his soul) passed away in 2009 and one of my older brothers passed away in November of last year and now my mother on August 29, 2015. all PASSED AWAY WHILE I AM IN PRISON.

I was blessed to speak with my mother about two weeks ago and she blessed me with her prayers that touched my soul and her warm kind words that enlightened my heart. She told me that I was on her mind with her prayers all the time.

I loved my mother so much. My mother had a harsh life full of struggles and yet she never complained or gave up and she constantly took care of us. She was like all Palestinian mothers whom so very often were the mother, father, and the everything in the lives of their children when the father is forced to be away to make a living and provide for the family.

The most difficult part of being in prison is the fact that you cannot be there with them as they go through their last few precious days of life. It is the harsh cruelty of prison that you mourn the loss of your loved ones alone, in your own cell feeling the loss and the pain alone. Many prisoners had experienced similar pain and some have lost their entire family while incarcerated.

However, when I look at my situation, I see things differently. I am not in an Israeli prison but I am in an American prison that is an extension of an Israeli prison. I am one of thousands of Palestinians who are in Israeli prisons. I am not the only Palestinian who lost his parents while he was in prison. Hundreds of Palestinian prisoner never saw, talked or touched their parents before they passed away.

Some even never saw their kids as they were prevented from visiting them. I am blessed that I can touch and hug my family as they come to see me. Our case is not about the US government seeking justice, it is about Israeli occupation using the US justice system to punish Palestinian Americans living in America for daring to care about their Palestinian brothers and sisters suffering under the Israeli occupation. It is about exposing the injustice and criminality of the Israeli occupation. It is dirty politics that has nothing to do with justice. Our work was changing the narrative of the brutal occupation and exposing to the world the real “Only Democracy in the Middle East”.

Palestinians will not just go away because of the oppression of the occupation. For every Palestinian that is killed or imprisoned, two or three or four take their place for the struggle for free Palestine. We are the people of the Holy Land, the land where all prophets came through and preached the message of Allah (God). From Prophet Abraham to Jacob, Jesus and Prophet Mohammad (Peach Be Upon All of them). All of them came with the message of peace on earth. This is the blessed land that defeated every conqueror and no conqueror ever lasted. Throughout history, no occupier/invader/conqueror ever lasted. One after the other they were defeated and kicked out to the history garbage can. The crusaders occupied Palestine for 93 years and they were defeated. And the current occupation is no different. It may not be in my life time that would I would see victory but that does not really matter. I am only one of a chain of millions of Palestinians who dared to care and are paying a very high price.

As I am about to start my 8th year in prison, I have no regrets for loving Palestine and the people of Palestine and caring about their well being. It was my great honor.

All I ask you is to pray for my mother and made duaa that Allah forgive her and shower her with his mercy and grant her Janna (paradise).

I know that my mother is in a better place and someday, when my time come, I will join her. Until then, the struggle will continue.

Long Live Palestine,
End the occupation Now
Your brother Mufid Abdulqader,
Palestinian Political Prisoner #32590-177
Imprisoned in an American prison on behalf of the Israeli occupation on drummed up political charges
My address:
Mufid Abdulqader, #32590-177
P. O. Box 33
Terre Haute, IN 47808
United States of America