الحرية لاسرى الحرية و الخزي و العار للعملاء و المتامرين و الانذال
UPDATE ON MY SONS’ ABDUCTIONS: Abdul-Khaliq since 17 May and Muhammad since 24 May 2021. The Zionist army is holding them both in the Maskoubiyyah Prison in al-Quds/Jerusalem, which is infamous for its torture methods. His lawyer managed to communicate with Abdul-Khaliq via computer screen but not yet with Muhammad. Abdul-Khaliq reported that he is being placed on the so-called Ghost Chair for more than 15 hours a day in addition to other torture methods. He is being detained in a subterranean cell and being tortured to extract a confession on many charges that he has nothing to do with, as he confirmed to his lawyer. Muhammad is most definitely undergoing a similar treatment daily. The “Ghost Chair” causes paralysis, exhaustion, and then there’s sleep deprivation and insufficient nutrition.
The “Ghost Chair” is small and its front legs are shorter than the rear ones, and it’s back is also shorter than a regular chair’s, and the hands are feet are tied to inflict maximum pain.
Freedom for the Prisoners of Liberty and Shame on the Collaborators and Spies! Csnopirators and scoundrels

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