A letter of solidarity with Palestinian hunger striker Khader Adnan from the family of Irish hunger striker Patsy O’Hara.

11053702_957195617644189_6859054670143655776_n34 years ago today, Irish man Patsy O’Hara died after 61 days on hunger strike. 3 years ago as Khader Adnan was on a 66 day hunger strike, his mother Peggy and brother Tony issued a statement in support of Khader and his family. Those words mean as much today as Khader is on his 17th day of an open ended hunger strike against his inhumane treatment in an Israeli prison.

A Chairde,

We the family of Irish Republican Socialist freedom fighter Patsy O Hara, who died on Hunger Strike in Long Kesh concentration camp in 1981, send our heartfelt solidarity greetings to Khader Adnan and his family at this time of their trial and suffering.

We recognise that the true indication of a just regime is the entitlement to a trial by jury, and innocence until proved guilty.To deny this to anyone is to mock the very word of justice.The very same mockery that the Nazi’s perpetrated during the 2nd world war, the British perpetrated in every country that dared challenge their occupation.

We call on the Israeli government to end his incarceration immediately.

is sinne – Peggy and Tony O Hara
ar son Clann O’ hEaghra

Source: Gaza TV