News About Prisoners

Ofer Military Court Confirms Six Months Administrative Detention Order against Palestinian Child with Rare Disease

On 21 January 2021, the Israeli Occupation Forces re-arrested Palestinian child Amal Nakhleh, 17 years old, from his home in Ramallah during the early hours of dawn. Immediately after his arrest and upon the military prosecutor’s request, Ofer military court extended Amal’s detention for an additional 72 hours to issue an administrative detention order against […]

Five Palestinian Minors Say They were Beaten, Tortured during Detention

Five Palestinian minors said they were severely beaten and tortured by Israeli soldiers and interrogators during detention, today said the Palestinian Commission for Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs. The Commission said it got affidavits from the five minors, who gave details of the beating and torture they were subjected to at the hands of Israeli soldiers […]

“Israel’s denial vaccine to Palestinian prisoners is an act of racism,” Palestinian group says

A Palestinian group condemns on Saturday the Israeli decision to deny the access of coronavirus vaccine to Palestinian prisoners, and considers it as a racist act. Israeli authorities aim at increasing the number of coronavirus infections among Palestinian prisoners as the Israeli minister declared that it is not a priority for Tel Aviv to vaccinate […]