News About Prisoners

Call to Action: International Week to Free Ahmad Sa’adat, 15-22 January 2019

“The Palestinian people are determined to continue the intifada for all of the national rights of our people. This position is naturally consistent with the struggle of all progressive global forces confronting global imperial arrogance and struggling for independence, self-determination and liberation, for social justice, equality and socialism, based on a fair distribution of the […]

Israel vows to ‘worsen’ conditions for Palestinian prisoners

Planned moves unveiled by Israeli security minister include limiting water supplies and cutting number of family visits. Israel’s Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan has announced plans to “worsen” conditions for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, including rationing water supplies and reducing the number of family visits. The planned moves, which are expected to come into force in […]

The gifts of freedom

Imad al-Din al-Saftawi waited 18 years before he could give a doll to his daughter. In 2000, Imad traveled from Gaza to the United Arab Emirates as part of his work. “My daughter Sarah was the most precious thing I had at that time as she was the first daughter after three boys,” he said. […]

Israel Releases Youngest Palestinian Prisoners after 3-Year Imprisonment

  Two Palestinian minors from occupied East Jerusalem were released, on Thursday, after serving three years in Israeli detention. Israeli authorities released Ahmad Raed al-Zaatari and Shadi Anwar Farrah, both 15 years of age, after serving a three-year prison sentence. View image on Twitter Rafat Darawsheh @rafatdarawsheh الطفلان الاسيران شادي واحمد يتذوقان طعم الكنافة بعد ٣ […]

Why Is Israel Afraid of Khalida Jarrar?

Israel has imprisoned Khalida Jarrar because her intelligence and respect for international law threaten its occupation regime. When Israeli troops stormed the house of Palestinian parliamentarian and lawyer Khalida Jarrar on April 2, 2015, she was engrossed in her research. For months, Jarrar had been leading a Palestinian effort to take Israel to the International Criminal […]